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Since 1993, Pac Rac Systems Inc. has been supplying customers with the highest quality industrial storage materials. We have an extensive list of storage products in stock and ready to ship. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call!

Pallet racking

Pallet Racking

We have new and used Redirack pallet racking, in stock and ready to ship in a multitude of sizes. Redirack pallet racking is considered the "industry standard" and makes up for 80% of he racking in Canada. 



Ideal for the storage of irregularly shaped objects, Cantilever storage racks are heavy duty, fully customizable and provide easy access to an array of products. 

Cantilever racking with cantilever arms
Security caging for industrial warehouse

Security Caging

A secure and inexpensive solution for warehouse security, we can custom fabricate a solution for stock rooms, research areas and various security enclosures. 



Mezzanines are a structurally sound solution for expanding your current space without investing in a bigger warehouse. We can provide a custom solution for any space. 

pallet racking mezzanine in an indusrial warehouse
boltles shelving pallet racking

Boltless Shelving

Extremely versatile wide span shelving system, ideal for heavy hand loaded material. We have a multitude of different sizes available to suit any space. 


Modular Offices

The integration of modular offices has emerged as a cutting-edge trend, offering businesses a multifaceted approach to space utilization, flexibility, and productivity. Our Modular Offices, designed with industry-leading concepts, cater to the ever-evolving needs of the modern warehousing and distribution industry.

modular office.webp
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